Erin-paints_copyHow to Audition for the Visual Arts Department

Audition Deadline:  Applications must be into the GSA office no later than December 15, 2017

To Do:

Complete an ONLINE APPLICATION TO AUDITION or You May Also Print the Application and Fax, Email or Snail Mail It

Complete the following:

1.  Visual Arts Audition Questionnaire (will be mailed to you once your application is received)

2.  Mandatory Visual Arts Assignment (upload or will be mailed to you once your application is received)

4.  Complete TWO teacher recommendation forms (will be mailed to you once your application is received)

Once your completed application is received, you will be assigned an audition date and time. Please make sure your address is complete and correct on your application.


Review and complete the homework listed in the application, bring it to your interview.

Portfolio Requirements for the Audition:

Visual Arts applicants should bring 15-20, original works of art showing a variety of techniques, media, and concepts, in 2-dimensional and/or 3-dimensional forms.

Digital drawings, movies, & photographs can be brought on a thumb drive or disk.  A laptop computer will be provided.

Class assignments as well as works completed independently
are encouraged.

Works kept by art teachers should be collected from the teacher and brought to the audition. In progress artwork is acceptable.

Bring your sketchbooks and journals even if they are not completed. We like to see work in progress, as well as mistakes.  You need to make mistakes to be learning and stretching.

Drawings from photographs, anime cartoons, or comic books are discouraged.

Bring examples of your drawings from imagination and direct observation from life (see below)*.

Drawing 'direct observation from life' is defined by GSA as a drawing done by directly looking at real and physical objects, people, and surrounding with no reference from photography.  This can be done in any drawing medium.

Please see the following video on drawing from life:

If you have any questions, please email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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